Leading Metal Coating Solutions for Corrosion Protection

April 9, 2023



Discover how AZZ, the largest independent provider of hot dip galvanizing and coil coating solutions, offers a wide range of metal coating processes to combat corrosion and enhance the longevity of buildings, products, and infrastructure. From hot dip galvanizing to powder coating and coil coating, AZZ provides sustainable and unmatched solutions that protect steel and deliver exceptional results. With a comprehensive range of services, including spin galvanizing, plating, anodizing, and duplex coating, AZZ ensures the highest standards of corrosion protection. 

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Learn how AZZ’s spin galvanizing process provides long-term corrosion protection for small to medium-sized components while maintaining their intricate designs and surface integrity. AZZ’s advanced facility and expertise ensure high-quality, uniform coatings that deliver cathodic protection and precise functionality. Contact AZZ to discover how their spin galvanizing solutions can safeguard your critical components from corrosion…

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AZZ takes pride in supporting the foundations of global society through diverse and collaborative work, guided by principles of trust, respect, accountability, integrity, teamwork, and safety. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and unmatched service, AZZ plays a vital role in essential infrastructure projects across various industries like agriculture. We aim to build…

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Choose Rugged Spec II Packaged Equipment Centers from AZZ for the strongest and most advanced enclosures to keep your critical equipment safe from harsh weather conditions. With resilient construction, corrosion resistance, and customizable options, these centers provide durability and protection you can rely on. Rugged Spec II Packaged Equipment Centers from AZZ are…