Revolutionizing the Galvanizing Industry: AZZ’s Digital Galvanizing System Sets a New Standard

April 26, 2021



AZZ’s Digital Galvanizing System, or DGS, is a remarkable solution that has revolutionized the galvanizing industry. AZZ’s special tool, DGS, helps to make everything run more smoothly. It helps with all the steps, from getting items to shipping them out. This tool makes things easier for the workers at the plant by cutting down on paperwork. It also helps customers by giving them updates about their projects.

DGS is used at many places. It helps with production, managing projects, and business reports. It lets the company make smart decisions because it gives better reports and keeps track of materials. This is a big win for the company and it’s the first tool like this in the industry.

When AZZ gets new items, they use DGS to scan and take pictures of them. If something’s not right, they can clear it up with the customer. The tool also keeps track of the status of the jobs and adds notes. Workers use DGS to weigh items and monitor their processing times. It helps with billing too. It posts bills to Oracle and checks prices and orders.

DGS has been a big help for the workers at the plant. They can find specific jobs more easily and it helps with reports. It even gives details about zinc usage and inventory, which makes things easier. It also improves customer service by giving real-time updates with pictures and scanned documents. Customers like how quickly and accurately they get updates.

AZZ is excited about the future with DGS. They are always looking for ways to make the system better. They plan to change the system to fit future needs and provide even better customer service.

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