3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Wastewater System Today

Too many manufacturers look at their wastewater management systems as a sunk cost. They are spending a ton in order to meet discharge limits, but think that replacing or upgrading their systems would cost too much. Whether worried about the price tag or unsure of where to begin, manufacturers are sacrificing savings not upgrading their wastewater treatment systems.

By sticking with the status quo, companies run the risk of wasting energy, labor, and assets that could best be spent elsewhere. Bringing in an expert to identify ways to improve your system, whether it’s a complete overhaul or minor upgrades, can drastically improve your overhead. We’ve put together our top three reasons why now is the perfect time to upgrade your system.

Cut chemical costs

The fact of the matter is, chemicals cost a pretty penny. When companies are trying to meet the regulations set out by a city, often they use a chemical amount that is geared towards the “worst case scenario.” In other words, they are so worried about avoiding fines and penalties that they utilize far too many chemicals in order to remove any chance that they violate regulations, racking up huge chemical bills.

At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve seen companies that try to mitigate their chemical usage and end up paying for violations down the road. With innovative technology options and cheaper, yet more effective computer chips on the market, both of these extremes can be avoided by utilizing automation to only utilize the chemicals needed at any given time. For example, this company added automation and Internet of Things (IOT) technologies to their wastewater system to reduce chemical costs by 40%.

Reduce human errors & time-consuming tasks

Manufacturers often bring up the cost of updating their wastewater systems as a pain-point that prevents them from doing so. Well, thanks to advances in technology and cheaper sensors, updating could actually save companies money in the long run. Modern monitoring systems can detect changes in corrosion rates, pressure and pH levels, and even water condition, which reduces costly human errors. This constant monitoring allows companies to catch issues before they arise and make the necessary repairs, eliminating costly downtime or facility shutdowns.

At DMP, we utilize systems that send updates directly to your inbox, reducing the chance that an issue will go unnoticed long enough to cause a system-wide shutdown. Often times, wastewater treatment systems are not operators only responsibility. To save time, companies can also reduce or eliminate the need for time-consuming, human sampling with automated wastewater sampling. Human error often leads to inaccurate results, so having an automated system you can trust makes all the difference in the world. DMP customers have said that their wastewater rooms are the most efficient in their facility. This allows them to focus more on other parts of the production cycle.

Circular Economy – Water recycle & reuse

By upgrading wastewater treatment systems, manufacturers can also cut down on the amount of water required. With the process of rinsing, high volumes of water are required in many industries including metal plating & finishing and food & beverage. But with recycling and reusing treated wastewater, companies can use up to five times less water from the city cutting their water bill and achieving sustainability goals, while adhering to sanitary guidelines. Utilizing the circular economy concept ensures that you get the most value out of your wastewater.

DMP is committed to clients

For manufacturers, industrial wastewater treatment is a necessary process that can seem pricey and complicated. Many settle for expensive and wasteful systems because they don’t have anyone to guide them through the upgrade process. At DMP, our goal is to be a partner to our clients, and we do everything we can to take the worry out of wastewater.

One of our incredible customer-focused plans is our Performance Guarantee Program. We understand that ensuring your company remains compliant can be the difference-maker. Our 5-year program puts you on the path to success by not only giving discounts on parts and service visits but also ensuring that you have the attentive support needed to keep your system running at top capacity at all times. If there is a flaw in how we designed and installed your wastewater treatment system, we will fix it on our dime.

With nearly 50 years of experience, our team works hard to design unique solutions tailored to your needs. If you are settling for the status quo, you’re missing out on cost-saving solutions you probably don’t even realize exist. That’s a problem we can fix. Contact us so we can take the worry out of wastewater for you today!

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