Air Intelligence: Getting Back to Normal for the Remainder of 2021 and Beyond

People want to get their lives back to normal, or at least a healthier new normal. Gareth Lewis, Portable Air Purifier Product Manager at Field Controls, LLC, shared how the right air purification system can help.

Field Controls, a US-based manufacturer and specializer in air-treatment technologies and products and solutions for almost 100 years, offers solutions to commercial and residential markets. Lewis, a recent addition to Field Controls, said it was an interesting time to enter the world of air purification.

“I took for granted before I joined (Field Controls) and never really thought about indoor air quality, but what COVID has done to us is highlighted the importance of indoor air quality,” Lewis said.

And while there are plenty of guidelines from reputable players such as the CDC, EPA, and ASHRAE, making sense of all these regulations and best practices can get confusing. So, Lewis wanted to help boil these guidelines down to help people understand air cleaning technologies and what to look for to prepare better and get back to normal.

Because COVID-19 transmits through aerosol particles, it is critical to address indoor air quality as the best line of defense against the virus. “When we’re talking about the layers of air treatment controlling the source, increasing ventilation, and using air cleaners,” Lewis said are the tried-and-true methods people need to employ.

And since it is not always possible to remove the source of the air contamination, a good ventilation strategy is the following best line of defense. “Bring in as much fresh air into the buildings and homes as possible through windows and doors and ventilation,” Lewis said. The ventilation system is a critical component because it does not always weather appropriate to open doors and windows.

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