Beyond Cold Storage: KPS Global’s Versatility in Controlled Environment Applications

October 11, 2022
Sonia Gossai


In the world of controlled environment applications, KPS Global is the trusted name that serves a wide range of customers with their custom panel systems. Their commitment to innovation and customization has revolutionized the cold storage industry. Each unit, be it a walk-in cooler or freezer, is meticulously built to meet the exact specifications, setting the industry standard.

KPS Global’s expertise goes beyond traditional cold storage solutions. They have designed near 180-degree floral coolers for retail customers and supported scientific organizations with customized walk-in vaccine storage facilities, blood banks, clean rooms, and dry rooms.

The industrial sector benefits from its panel systems, which are used for outdoor equipment closures, pump houses, and chillers. But the versatility of KPS Global’s panels doesn’t end there. Customers are now exploring non-condition spaces like prep rooms and offices, leveraging the reduced construction times and enhanced cleanliness and durability of these panel solutions. From blast freezers to industrial storage, their product portfolio caters to cold storage warehousing of all sizes.

As a KPS customer, you can have confidence in their vast experience and capabilities to ensure your custom solution is a resounding success. Their commitment to meeting diverse customer needs, along with their expertise in the field, makes them the ideal partner for any cold storage project.

On this episode of Cooler News, Robert Sorba, Chief Commercial Officer at KPS Global dives into the world of controlled environment applications and how KPS can help its customers.

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