Conversations from the Edge: Women in HVAC Series

September 9, 2021
Hilary Kennedy

The HVAC industry has long been male-dominated, but women are joining the field in larger numbers and making an impact. One of those is Brittney Johnson, Maintenance Sales Representative, Commercial Mechanical at Commercial Mechanical Utah. She spoke with Conversations from the Edge host Hilary Kennedy about her career.

Johnson explained that after high school, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. She tried community college and other paths but still didn’t have a calling. When she moved to Wilmington, NC, her father, who worked in the HVAC industry, prompted her to look into a customer service job. “I started the job and did that for two-and-a-half years. It became stagnant, and I decided I wanted to get into sales.”

There weren’t any sales positions in Wilmington, so Johnson applied for a job in Utah. She earned the role and moved across the country.

In transitioning from customer service to sales, Johnson said, “It was lots of learning. I didn’t know much about the equipment. I also spoke to other women in business. It was saying yes to something that scares you.”

Does being a woman in HVAC have advantages? Johnson thinks so because “women have more of a willingness to collaborate and prefer to work in groups.”

Johnson appreciates team building and supporting others. She named several women that are inspirations to her as she continues her career. “It was great to see somebody like me closing big deals and doing the same work as men.”

Johnson admits it’s a challenging career, but that’s also what’s great about it. “I enjoy not just selling a product. I’m selling something I know will be beneficial to the customer, which makes me feel good. I’m here to help you with your building.”

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