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Great customer service is about delivering in a timely manner with the least amount of roadblocks possible. But is service also a soft skill? “You bet,” said Greg Crumpton, vice president of critical facilities at Service Logic.

On this episode of Conversations from The EDGE with Service Logic, host Sean Heath discussed the role of attitude and company culture play in providing great service with Crumpton and guest Erik Crawford, founder and president of Ultra Pure Systems, a leading manufacturer of commercial water purification equipment for data centers, healthcare facilities, and more.

As the largest privately owned HVAC and mechanical services company in the United States, Service Logic is colloquially known to its customers as the “factory service guys,” Crawford said.

“At the end of the day we want to make any problems transparent to the customer who bought the piece of equipment,” Crawford said. “It has been proven over and over, the technician is the 100 percent most valuable person the manufacturer has once that equipment leaves the door.

He continued, “Having a strong service arm that can resolve those problems in a short period of time really makes or breaks most manufacturers.”

said Greg CrumptonAs such, service providers such as Service Logic become subject matter experts on the equipment and parts it supports, something Crawford said is a valuable surprise for customers.

“I understand the service guy may not know everything about my particular equipment, but having the right attitude and approaching something with confidence goes a long way,” he said.

That’s where soft skills such as listening to the customer’s problem and being diligent about working the problem are critical for the “2 a.m., on-call people,” as Crumpton described.

“You’re there because somebody has a need, and that need is super important,” Crumpton said. “It’s part of company culture to make sure your team understands we’re a service company and service, unfortunately, doesn’t have a time clock.”

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