Cutting-Edge Transportation Cover Company Provides Proprietary Repair Kit

For decades, the most environmentally conscious among us touted the benefits of replacing our goods—and then recycling them. This sound plan has recently come to a somewhat screeching halt, however, as China has imposed new import restrictions impacting recyclers. As a result, those with an eye on both the health of the environment and on the bottom line are embracing a new approach: repairing materials and equipment instead of replacing it to save time and money.

Transhield specializes in cutting-edge protective transportation covers and anti-corrosion technology. Our covers are available in an array of materials, from our original 7 mil shrink film to our 7 mil VCI shrink film offered in tan, blue, or red. Additionally, we offer rugged and resilient materials like Armordillo, which provides anti-microbial properties to control mildew and mold, and XT. Apart from our initial 7 mil shrink film, each film contains our proprietary anti-corrosion agent called VCI, which helps protect the covered object from corrosion and rust. From tanks and boats, to windmill hubs or generators, Transhield’s numerous available materials can help protect and cover all of your valuable equipment and vehicles.

Though there are times when a cover can get damaged from punctures or tears, Transhield has created a proprietary repair kit that prevents having to replace the cover 100%, saving both the company and customer time and money.

Repair vs. Replacement

Transportation, military, and other heavy industries require covers capable of protecting their equipment and vehicles. Transhield’s Transhield’s TransTape and Loctite® Super Glue Professional allows for strong, fast, and quick repairs. If the needed repair is too large for the customer to make themselves, we make repairs with restorations performed onsite, or at the Transhield manufacturing facility, depending on the required repair. If the cover must be sent back due to regular wear and tear, for a small fee, plus the cost of shipping, Transhield guarantees our customer’s satisfaction with repairs, return time, and overall savings.

Benefits of Repairing a Cover

  • A repair instead of a replacement can save days or even weeks.
  • Repairs save Transhield production time, allowing for efficiency and on-time production planning.
  • Shorter wait times help the customers to stay on schedule and efficient.
  • Cover repairs save both the customer and Transhield money, both in the short- and long-term.

Interior and Exterior Repairs

For the interior of covers, Transhield’s adhesive scrim is used, adding considerable strength and completely restoring the interior. However, repairs done on the exterior are fixed using Transhield’s exclusive tape, which consists of an adhesive layer and our very own 7 mil shrink film. Using this film allows the tape to shrink and melt according to the cover, giving an unprecedented adhesion between the tape and cover.

If for any reason the Armordillo cover requires repairs, the adhesive scrim is still necessary; however, the exterior will need Loctite Super Glue, the only adhesive that handles the vapor transmission rate of water in our Armordillo material.

What Makes Us Different

In a world full of competition, we stand out with our custom-made, cutting-edge products. With the ability to repair covers at the customers’ location, we differentiate ourselves with high-level service and, most importantly, save customer’s time and money.


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