Early Trade Training Through Apprenticeships for Young Students

So, what does early trade training look like? This episode offers a first-person point of view on
advocating for trades from a fresh trade apprentice. Since 2012, there has been a 64% increase
in trade apprentices (US Department of Labor).

How are young people getting attracted to trade training and apprenticeships? What makes them choose education over hands-on experience? We’re getting a new perspective from an individual who just entered the field.

Dee Durant, 22-year-old electrician apprentice, joins Greg Crumpton and Tyler Kern on this episode of Straight Outta Crumpton. She discusses what got her into trade and how she chose to get a theoretical education first before going into the field.

Durant was going to study meteorology, “I was [on] honor roll and everything. I’m a very academic person,” said Durant. She joined a shop class after her parents encouraged her to try something new. She enjoyed using tools for the first time and soaked up as much information as possible: “I was very moldable.” Her love for lightning encouraged her to get into the electrical trade.

Crumpton, Kern, and Durant discuss…

● Apprenticeship routes for individuals eager to go into trade

● The journey for rotations as an apprentice

● First-person point of view from a young trade professional

Durant is currently in an apprenticeship. She wanted to learn as much as she could before starting. She enrolled in a college program called Electrical Engineering Electrical Co-op. Durant called it a really deep dive. “We not only learn what, but how and why,” said Durant. Because of this education, she’s exempt from the first two levels of schooling during her apprenticeship. “I’m so proud when people learn electrical theory. There’s a big difference between an electrician and a wire puller,” said Crumpton.

Dee Durant is an electrical apprentice in Canada. In 2021, she graduated from Conestoga College and received her diploma as an Electrical Engineering Technician. She is an ambassador for KickAss Careers and helps encourage students like herself to learn more about opportunities within skilled trades.

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