Gearing Up For SSA Conference 2021

On this episode of Impressions, an On The Move podcast, Host Daniel Litwin talked with Erin King, Director of Education and Events of Self Storage Association. They broke down everything you need to know to get caught up on what the Self Storage Association is bringing to the industry and why, if you’re in the industry, events like national conferences are so important to elevate and innovate within our critical markets.

“Planning events on all levels has been tricky since the pandemic started,” King said. “Things have constantly changed. Sometimes things are getting better, and restrictions are getting lifted, then they’re getting put back in place.”

So this year, SSA has been mixing it up. They’ve leaned into a more regional event format, both to adapt to the pandemic but also to tap into more niche markets and allow more independent communities to tap into each other and come together.

“We’re really excited to bring these regional events,” King said. “These are the only events that will be taking place this year. These regional events allow us to slowly gear up for what we use to consider the norm, get people back face to face, get people learning, and get our vendors and sponsors in front of operators in their state.”

This year’s SSA Conference takes place Sept. 7-10 in Las Vegas at MGM Grand, and guests can Register Here.

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