HVAC Services: Heroes of the 21st Century Keep Our Homes and Businesses Running

March 22, 2023
Greg Crumpton

HVAC services are essential. Some might say they are recession and pandemic-proof. No matter the situation, businesses rely on the solutions they provide to keep their facilities up and running. Still, like many skilled professions today, recruiting people into the industry is a challenge, and it is critical to find new talent to keep the air flowing. There are many reasons why a career in the HVAC industry can offer a rewarding experience. Sometimes, knowing the ins and outs of a building can come in handy in the most unusual of situations.

While rescue efforts aren’t a typical day at the office, that’s the position employees at Seattle-based PSR Mechanical found themselves in last month when they saw smoke coming from a nearby doggy daycare. PSR’s Greg Hagen and several other employees came to the rescue and helped save 60 dogs.

Commercial HVAC services don’t always offer such heroic moments, but keeping facilities up and running no matter the situation is the job of HVAC service providers like PSR Mechanical. Spotlighting those efforts is the mission of today’s episode of Straight Outta Crumpton.

Host, Greg Crumpton, and Gabrielle Bar spoke with PSR Mechanical Business Development Manager, Cori Witney, about the unique aspects of her role, and PSR Mechanical. PSR Mechanical recently expanded its Seattle operations into the Tacoma, Washington, market and Witney explained the why behind the expansion.

“What we find is, when you’re trying to service your clients, you’re trying to get to them in your most effective and efficient manner, and so having a north and a south office, for us, means that we have an office for a technician to go to, to pick up parts and pick up supplies, and it’s easier when they live in that territory.”

Crumpton, Bar, and Witney’s conversation includes the following…

● The people-centric and focused culture of HVAC services providers like PSR Mechanical

● How PSR Mechanical responded to the emergency at a neighboring business

● Solving everyday needs and challenges of HVAC customers

“We are all people of service,” Witney said. “We want to be of service; we want to help everybody; we want to make things better if we can; we want to provide a better service to people who need it, but we just want to do it right, and that’s not something we typically see a lot of in our industry. I’ve seen a lot of companies that say they do and then those who do what they say they are going to do. Our customer base and our loyalty of our customers, and how we provide service to our customers, has been amazing to see.”

About Cori

Cori Witney is an experienced account manager with over twenty years in the facilities services industry. Witney is skilled in negotiation, operations management, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), and facility management.

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