IRE Post Show -The Start of the Roofing Season

April 14, 2023

Every year, residential and commercial professionals gather to meet suppliers, discover new products, network with the global industry, and improve the way they run their businesses at the International Roofing Expo (IRE) – one of the biggest roofing shows in the World! This year’s March show was held in Dallas, Texas, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. But what exactly were the highlights of this year’s event, and why do industry leaders call it a “must-see” show?

On this podcast by Fortis, hosted by Michelle Dawn Mooney, two guests, Dave Schupmann, COO, and Michael Boyer, Marketing Manager, both from Fortis, share their insights and opinions about their expectations, experience attending the event, and it’s the biggest takeaways.

“It’s the biggest industry show. It used to be the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association), and it’s really developed into much more than that…It is the show to be at if you are a manufacturer or contractor; you see new things in the marketplace, get to hear new things about technical… The place to be if you are in roofing,” Schupmann explained.

“It is a huge show, definitely well attended—tons of exhibitors and attendees… I’m relatively new to the industry so being able to soak it all up and really see how the roofing community and industry really interact with each other was a great experience,” Boyer added.

Mooney, Schupmann, and Boyer also discussed:

  • Fortis’ involvement with IIBEC and why it’s important for Fortis to attend.
  • Fortis’ unique offering and position at a show like IRE, even though they’re not a contractor or a manufacturer.
  • The start of the roofing season and what’s coming up this year.

“It’s a unique year because IIBEC was in Houston, and it immediately preceded the IRE show in Dallas…We want to respect the industry. Our work is conducted through contractors. We work on the roofs that these manufacturers are putting out. We have nothing but favorable things to say about these systems. We really believe in them and the engineering that goes into the installations and that’s really the backbone behind why we can offer the roof programs that we do. IIBEC was well attended this year… It has a different audience than the IRE show but yes, to be seen and to be able to support both shows is very important for Fortis,” Schupmann said.

Fortis stands in a category of its own. They are not a manufacturer or even considered a “roofing contractor”, Fortis always makes sure to have a presence at major events such as these. Being able to meet customers in person and sharing the newest industry ideas and innovation helps Fortis continually offers unprecedented value to building and portfolio owners around the globe.

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