Keep Kuul: Developing a Customer Service-Centered Culture

It’s easy for companies to claim a commitment to culture, but how many of them actually practice and uphold their values in their day-to-day operations? And for the organizations that do, what are some ways to help ensure those values stick?

Ben Wulf, the CEO of Portacool in east Texas, answers these questions and more in the first episode of the Keep Kuul podcast. Portacool was started in the small town of Center, Texas and, in the 30 years since its establishment, it’s kept close ties with its community and its customers.

However, Wulf doesn’t just highlight the cooling company’s entrepreneurial and innovative spirit — he shines a light on its culture, as well.

“Customer service embodies everything that we do as an organization, and that’s where we flex our muscle and really shine in the marketplace,” Wulf said. “In everything from the time we answer the phone to the time we ship the product, we look for ways to make that experience easier, simpler and more efficient for our customer.”

The Portacool CEO revealed that there was a time several years ago when the company culture wasn’t where it is today. To turn that around, the leadership team made a renewed commitment to live, promote and advance it in the workplace.

“Culture does not get a day off,” he said. “There has to be an unwavering commitment each and every day.”

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