Leveraging Third-Party Consultants for Business Growth is a Power of Extension Companies Should Utilize More

July 18, 2023
Alexandra Simon


The digital economy has disrupted the traditional team structure, forcing businesses to reconsider how they operate. In the age of remote work, the trend of outsourcing to third-party consultants has been gaining momentum, enabling companies to tap into specialized knowledge without the costs associated with full-time employment. One study indicated that 59 percent of businesses use outsourcing to cut expenses, and another 57 percent use it to focus on their core business.

As businesses evolve, how can they leverage third-party consultants to extend their teams? What value can an external consultant bring to the table, and how does this partnership work in practice?

In this episode of “Mainstream Modular” by Guerdon, host Gabrielle Bejarano we explored these questions with Scott Murphy, a modular consultant at Northwest Monitoring. The conversation delved into the role of consultants in team extension, drawing on Murphy’s experiences serving as an extension of the team for developers and banks.

Some topics of conversation that Bejarano and Murphy explored were:

  • The importance of third-party consultants as eyes and ears on the ground, offering fresh insights and real-time reporting.
  • The role of consultants in releasing units from factories, overseeing changes, and ensuring quality control.
  • The value of early involvement of consultants in projects to facilitate better coordination and agility.

Scott Murphy is a renowned modular consultant with Northwest Monitoring. With over a decade in the industry, Murphy has honed his expertise in modular construction, working closely with banks, developers, builders, and school districts. His methodical approach to project execution, combined with his ability to offer real-time reporting, has made him a valuable asset to numerous projects.

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