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Leveraging Third-Party Consultants for Business Growth is a Power of Extension Companies Should Utilize More

The digital economy has disrupted the traditional team structure, forcing businesses to reconsider how they operate. In the age of remote work, the trend of outsourcing to third-party consultants has been gaining momentum, enabling companies to tap into specialized knowledge without the costs associated with full-time employment. One study indicated that 59 percent of […]

Homeless housing crisis

Improving the Homeless Housing Crisis in Los Angeles Gets a Much-Deserved Lift at 6th Street Place.

Amid the homeless housing crisis in Los Angeles, a glimmer of hope appears in the form of modular housing projects designed to provide much-needed shelters for the homeless community. LA is home to over 40,000 homeless individuals, a number that’s seen a sharp increase of 16% over the past year. Yet, innovative design principles and […]

Modular Altruism

Modular Altruism: What Is The 6th Place Project?

Altruism is the idea or practice of having a selfless concern for the benefit of others. It may also be defined as a concern for others’ well-being. The adaptability and versatility of modular buildings is one of their main benefits. They are easily expandable and customizable to meet shifting needs or specifications, and they can […]

Mainstream Modular: Modular Construction: Here and Now

The modular construction industry has seen record growth since 2015. Once considered a lower quality and cheaper alternative to traditional construction, the industry has found a new life as a viable solution to construction needs. Tom Hardiman, executive director of the Modular Building Institute (MBI), spoke with Tyler Kern about the past, present, and future […]

Mainstream Modular by Guerdon Modular: Developing Housing for the City of Aspen

Building safe and secure housing is often a foundational base for every architect’s designs. Modular consultant of Cairn Consulting, Weston Bierma, certainly holds this close at hand in the Burlingame Ranch Phase 3 build in Aspen, Colorado. He spoke with host of Mainstream Modular, Tyler Kern, about the perks of modular building and the planning […]

Mainstream Modular: Commercial Modular’s Momentum

The current affordable housing crisis in the U.S. impacts both the traditional single-family home market as well as the commercial multifamily space. Years ago, when the country faced a similar demand, modular construction rose to the challenge for single family homes and is now being called on as a solution to also help in the […]