Manufacturing Differentiation: How KPS Global Leads the Cold Chain Logistics Revolution

October 25, 2021
Sonia Gossai



KPS Global is a leader in the ever-evolving world of cold chain logistics, offering seamless delivery from strategically located manufacturing facilities across the United States. Their state-of-the-art automation and robotics ensure consistent quality in every project.

What differentiates KPS Global is their ability to leverage long-standing supplier relationships, guaranteeing on-time delivery of raw materials and resulting in a high-quality finished product. The acquisition of Custom Cooler allowed them to integrate best practices, and with over 750,000 square feet of manufacturing space, they deliver insulated, modular panel solutions for various applications.

Their extensive manufacturing capacity played a crucial role in responding swiftly to the cold chain supply needs during the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Collaborating with international organizations and participating in the US government’s Warp Speed program, KPS Global proved their expertise in vaccine distribution solutions.

Environmental sustainability is a priority for KPS Global, focusing on carbon footprint reduction and energy-saving practices. Their environmentally friendly HFO urethane panel installation system sets them apart from other manufacturers.

KPS Global maintains rigorous quality standards, with visual inspections and technical checks throughout the manufacturing process. They have a dedicated quality team ensuring consistency across all plants.

As the industry evolves, KPS Global remains at the forefront of cold chain logistics, providing superior temperature-controlled environment solutions. Their commitment to excellence makes them an indispensable partner for any cold chain project.

Mike Eakins, President and CEO, Steve Pearson, VP of Manufacturing and Darnel Reed, Quality Business Analyst, all of KPS Global join us on this episode of Cooler News. Among them, their deep knowledge and experience will shed light on the exciting developments and future opportunities in the cold chain industry.

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