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Motorola requires unique wastewater solutions dependent upon location
Well-known electronics manufacturer, Motorola, operates many plants across the nation, each with its own set of unique needs and requirements, including federal and regional regulations. Each facility must have its own wastewater treatment solution to ensure compliance in various regions. This required a different approach that was both agile and scalable.


Complexity of contaminants creates a need for new runoff treatment
Motorola’s Fort Lauderdale, FL facility was in need of a new solution to treat runoff from battery manufacturing and metal plating processes. This challenge was especially complicated because of the:

  • Number of complex contaminants including lead, chrome, nickel, chrome, and cyanide
  • Size and nature of the industry
  • Changes that occurred to the facility over time


Changing manufacturing dynamics require a flexible treatment system
DMP was chosen by Motorola to derive a treatment solution that would overcome the challenges while meeting all the applicable regulatory requirements.

The solution included multiple steps:

  • Initial assessment was completed by DMP engineers of the existing system to determine the current and projected capacity
  • Ensuring the system kept runoff in compliance
  • Worked with Motorola’s staff to develop an efficient, effective wastewater solution

Manufacturing changes occurred after the initial solution installation. PC boards were added to the manufacturing lineup. Later, metal plating operations were halted while PC board production was increased. After each of these adjustments, DMP revisited Motorola to reassess and modify.

Upon DMP’s third visit to the facility, Motorola advised they needed the best control system available. This solution consisted of a:

  • Separate batch system installation designed to treat a special photo-resist developer and stripper
  • Remote system to monitor the new batch system, the previous treatment system, and other plant equipment


Facility receives adaptable treatment process to stay compliant and efficient
With DMP, Motorola received:

  • A new system specifically created to adapt to the ever-changing wastewater needs of this complex facility
  • An optimal solution that enhances monitoring capabilities without the expense of overhauling the facility
  • A collaborative partnership that will evolve in pace with the industry

As the facility’s new system was installed and implemented, DMP was there every step of the way. DMP is committed to helping our clients, no matter how complex or quickly changing the environment is.

Learn more about DMP’s solutions by viewing the wastewater solutions page. You can find answers to cut costs, stay compliant, and increase operational efficiency.


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