Opening Doors: Exploring Visitor Management, Tech Innovations, and Strategic Alliances

June 8, 2023

Join host, Gabrielle Bejarano, as she navigates the fascinating realm of visitor management across industries, and uncovers how Parabit and STOPware are revolutionizing secure and accessible solutions. In this engaging conversation with Bob Hricisak, VP of Sales at Parabit, Phil Mantia, VP of Sales at STOPware, and Sara Markle, Strategic Account Manager at STOPware, we’ll delve into the unique challenges and opportunities within various industry verticals.

From this episode, gain a deep understanding of the symbiotic relationships driving innovation in visitor management and be inspired by the exciting future of secure and accessible solutions across sectors. Prepare for thought-provoking discussions, expert insights, and eye-opening discoveries as we reveal the secrets behind the future.

  • Discover the extraordinary alliance between Parabit and STOPware, and how their combined expertise is creating innovative, complete visitor management solutions.
  • Unveil the intricacies behind PassagePoint, STOPware’s pioneering visitor management software, and understand how Parabit’s custom hardware capabilities complement this to create a seamless visitor experience. Hear about the ground-breaking, policy-driven, self-registration systems that are revolutionizing visitor management and access control.
  • From the recent IAHSS tradeshow, we bring you first-hand insights into the trends shaping the industry and the future of patient visitor management. Be ready for thought-provoking discussions, expert insights, and industry-leading revelations.

In each episode of ‘A Bit About’ we explore exclusive insights and discuss unique industry challenges, to unravel the trends shaping the future of experiences. This an essential listen for business leaders, professionals, or anyone interested in understanding the blend of technology, security, and spaces.

Don’t miss this intriguing discussion! Listen to the full episode to dive into the future of visitor management, and visit Parabit and STOPware for additional resources and insights. Let’s unlock potential together!

Excited about what you’ve heard? Find out more about Parabit and STOPware and their innovative solutions by visiting their websites: and Join us in revolutionizing visitor management and shaping a more secure and accessible future!


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