The Most Common Questions Customers Have for Arborists

April 17, 2023
Wes Rivers

On this episode of Building Roots, ISA Certified Arborists James Allen and Cory Herpel welcome listeners to delve into the world of tree maintenance with two certified arborists. The duo discuss the most common questions they receive: when to prune trees, when to fertilize trees, and why professional arborists should be hired instead of landscapers.

James and Cory provide an in-depth look at why it’s important to hire certified arborists for tree maintenance and the consequences of improper pruning. They explain why it’s critical to have clear objectives before making any cuts, as well as the importance of using certified arborists with the right training and knowledge to ensure trees remain healthy for years to come. The hosts also provide valuable resources for those seeking more information on proper pruning techniques.

Join James and Cory on this episode of Building Roots as they provide an insightful look into professional tree maintenance, and why certified arborists are the best choice for keeping your trees healthy and safe.

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We also provide tree surveys and mitigation services to assist homeowners, developers, and commercial clients in meeting local city tree preservation requirements. With our expertise, you can ensure compliance while preserving the natural beauty of your surroundings.

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