Smart home technology began with the invention of clap-on-clap-off lamps in the 80’s, and has since evolved into intelligent tech that can monitor a building’s temperature, light, and security. This same tech is making its way into industrial environments and saving businesses big bucks.

The Polygon Group has designed an innovative smart thermostat, ExactAire, and packed with an array of sensors to help construction companies and warehouse enterprises remotely monitor and control a building’s climate. On today’s episode of the Building Management Podcast, we discussed ExactAire’s capabilities and benefits with Don Schnell, sales director at Polygon Group, and Brandon Willis, creative director at EyeType Consulting LLC.

So what sets ExactAire apart from most smart thermostats? As the most advanced system on the market for monitoring and controlling environmental conditions, ExactAire is leading the charge in interior climate control. Not just a thermostat, ExactAir can also monitor and sense humidity, dew point, CO2 levels, harmful vapors, and more.

With real-time updates and alarms sent over a cellular network, ExactAire’s iPad friendly software can save expensive machines from rusting, or costly product from being spoiled. Clients like the US Navy have seen the value in this tech, and other industries like construction, metalworks, food processing, and machine storage have also invested in ExactAire technology to help their bottom line.

The energy savings alone help clients hone in on unnecessary spending, in addition to preserving product when workers aren’t present to monitor a facility. A 24-hour battery backup saves systems from shutting down in the event of an unexpected power outage. In short: If there’s a sensor, there’s a way.

“There are all kinds of different ways to tie into the monitoring and alarming system that we’ve developed here.” Schnell said, assuring that the ExactAire framework is primed and ready to be customized to a client’s needs.

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