The Newest Innovation in Autonomous Fork Trucks

Warehouse automation capabilities are changing the way facilities operate. Using robotics allows for smarter workflows and the ability to position human resources in more high-level work. Repetitive and manual tasks are the ideal starting points for automation. The use of autonomous fork trucks continues to gain momentum. Now, Vecna Robotics, a developer of autonomous mobile solutions, debuted its newest product, the autonomous counterbalanced fork truck. This fork truck is revolutionizing dock to dock automation with a priority on safety and productivity.

This new fork truck has a bounty of features that eliminate the challenges that many warehouses face around product movement. The machine enhances the autonomous mobile solution space by using 3-D scanning, planning optimal paths to pick up palettes in any condition and position, and handle integrated handoffs from conveyors. It requires no manual intervention for palette positioning or restarts after it pauses for obstructions. Pivotal, our integrated software package, works as an orchestration engine.

Beyond just optimizing the fork truck, Pivotal sees the entire workflow in a facility. You can analyze historical data to learn where, when, and how much labor you need. Additionally, use it for barcode scanning and updates to your VMS. This software, combined with the autonomous fork truck, enables you to have the right resources in the right place at the right time.

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