Unlocking the Potential of ASRS in Manufacturing Operations

July 21, 2023


As manufacturing facilities grapple with increasing demands for efficiency and productivity, many are turning to automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) to simplify operations. With the rapid integration of ASRS in manufacturing operations and workflows, it is clear that this technology is reshaping the way facilities operate. But what exactly drives this transformation, and how can ASRS be optimized for maximum efficiency?

Can ASRS be the key to amplified manufacturing operations? In this episode of Hai-er Automation by Hai Robotics, host Michelle Dawn Mooney engages in an insightful conversation with Will McInnis, Technical Sales Executive at Hai Robotics, and Chris Callura, VP of Operations and Strategic Partnerships at Chang Industrial, to answer this very question.

Highlights from their discussion include the following:

  • How ASRS can elevate manufacturing operations and enhance facility workflows
  • Insights on the three critical applications of ASRS in manufacturing facilities and how ASRS solutions integrate into broader facility automation
  • The strategic partnership between Hai Robotics and Chang Industrial and its implications for the industry

Will McInnis, located in San Francisco, California, joined Hai Robotics about a year and a half ago after transitioning from an operations role in the supply chain industry. Chris Callura, with 15 years of experience in the industry, oversees operations and strategic partnerships at Chang Industrial. His extensive education and training in design, build, and project delivery have found exciting applications in automation and robotics.

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