What Defines “Success” for Safety Personnel?

The Safety Justice League is back and refreshed after a much-needed, restful holiday season. Jason squared (Jason Maldonado and Jason Lucas) joined Host Abby Ferri to dive into what success looks like for safety personnel and how mindset matters.

Contrary to societal beliefs, Lucas and Maldonado know that title isn’t what matters. It’s making whatever you’re doing work for your organization and not getting caught up in titles. “Do what works, do what matters, keep your people safe, and go home and go to sleep. We don’t save lives, we teach people how to save their own,” Maldonado stated. “I think that your success has to be tied to something other than title, it has to be tied to something other than money, it has to be tied to something other than money at the end of the year,” Lucas added.

Titles are deeply rooted in comparison, but Lucas believes the only person you should compete against is yourself. “The only person that you can compete against is who you were yesterday. You can’t compete against other people because its apples to oranges regardless of how similar you two are,” he stated. Maldonado agreed, believing safety professionals must stop judging their success based on what others are doing. “We do so much assigning of meaning to the things that other people do when we really have no business doing that,” he said.

Lucas and Maldonado also believe in the importance of focusing on the present. “You are here. It’s so easy to get caught up in what tomorrow may or may not bring.” What are you going to do about it?” Lucas asked.

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