360 Degrees of Trident

January 1, 2023

Business mergers and acquisitions are common in industries such as healthcare, tech, finance, and retail, according to Investopedia. What is not on that list? The utility industry. Trident Industries recently experienced a combination of five different companies.  

How has this changed the business approach Trident is taking and allowed them to become more customer-friendly in their services? On today’s episode of Trident Talks, Host Gabrielle Bejarano speaks with Curtis Thome, VP of Business Development for the Utility Industry, and CJ Freeman, VP of Sales, Construction, Safety & Commercial and Residential, both of Trident, to discuss the Trident consolidation and how Trident is now unique to customers in the utility industry.  

Bejarano, Thome, and Freeman also discussed… 

  • An overview of what consolidation looks like and how it streamlines the ordering process 
  • Examples of how Trident is unique in the utility market 
  • The ways Trident is helping to set up successful sales and provide the best solutions for customers 

Freeman explained how Trident is different from other utility businesses: “A lot of people may do one or two of the things that we manufacture. There are people out there that manufacture flags, there are people that manufacture flat posts, and there are people that have wire. But Trident is the one group out there that has it all.” 

Curtis Thome is VP of Business Development for the Utility Industry at Trident. CJ Freeman is VP of Sales, Construction, Safety & Commercial and Residential at Trident and has worked as an Incentives Account Executive at Genesco Sports Enterprises and an Account Executive at Titus Sports Marketing. He attended the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University.  

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