AJ Wilcox Explains How LinkedIn Ads compare with other ad platforms like Facebook or Google

June 6, 2023
Sonia Gossai

AJ Wilcox of B2Linked provides a comparative analysis of LinkedIn ads with other platforms like Facebook (Meta) and Google on this episode of the CoachYu show. It also discusses the application of the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) model in lead qualification.

LinkedIn ads are similar to Facebook as they target audiences based on their profiles, not what they’re currently searching for. This is in contrast to Google, which targets based on keywords, capitalizing on immediate intent but losing control over the specific audience reached.

The BANT model is a lead qualification method that scores leads based on Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing. LinkedIn excels in targeting the ‘B’ and ‘A’ aspects of BANT, reaching people who have the budget and authority to make purchase decisions.

Although LinkedIn’s cost per interaction is higher than Meta and Facebook, the quality of leads is higher. This makes the effective cost per opportunity lower. A case study showed that LinkedIn’s cost per opportunity was half that of Facebook, despite a higher upfront cost.

Google ads are less effective for B2B due to the inability to qualify whether someone is from a large enough company to afford enterprise-focused products. Moreover, the costs of Google ads have skyrocketed, making them less attractive.

Finally, while competition on LinkedIn continues to rise, many competitors don’t fully utilize the platform. This leaves opportunities for savvy advertisers to capitalize on.

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