A New Era in Digital Entertainment: From Backyard Battles to Global Stardom with Dude Perfect’s Garrett Hilbert. Part 2 of 2

July 25, 2023
Matt Brost


The journey from backyard battles to global stardom continues in part 2 of Matt Brost’s interview with Garret Hilbert.

In recent years, the digital entertainment landscape has undergone a seismic shift. No longer are celebrities solely born from traditional media; now, a new breed of stars emerges from the vast expanse of the internet. According to a recent study, over 70% of young Americans now consume content primarily through online platforms, underscoring the profound influence of digital creators.

What does the journey from being an ordinary individual to a global digital sensation truly entail?

Welcome back to Excellence Culture, presented by Lockton, and hosted by Matt Brost. In this second part of an enlightening conversation with Garrett Hilbert, Co-Founder of the sensational Dude Perfect, Brost and Hilbert explore the evolution of Dude Perfect, the challenges of maintaining authenticity, and the responsibility of being a positive influence in a digital world.

Key Takeaways from this Episode include the following:

  • The inception and success of Dude Perfect’s live tour, a venture initially met with skepticism
  • The challenges of producing content that is both entertaining and wholesome and the team’s commitment to excellence
  • The upcoming launch of Dude Perfect’s app, which aims to provide a safer environment for their audience

Garrett Hilbert is not just one of the faces behind the viral trick shots and hilarious stereotype videos; he’s a visionary who co-founded Dude Perfect. With a background in digital media and a passion for creating content that resonates, Hilbert has been instrumental in steering Dude Perfect to its current global acclaim. Recognized for his dedication to producing quality content, he emphasizes the importance of staying grounded and remembering their impact on their young audience.

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