Bad Birdie Rises in the World of Sports Fashion Through Promotion of Vibrancy and Personality

January 23, 2024
Mike Bush


The world of golf and sports apparel has seen so many changes, but Bad Birdie Golf stands out with its unique and vibrant approach. For a fresh episode of “Hammer Down,” host Mike Bush looked into the company’s stylistic revolution, featuring Jordan Dickerson, the mastermind behind Bad Birdie’s supply chain.

The episode offered a compelling exploration of Bad Birdie’s journey from a modest side hustle, to growth as a dominant force in the golf apparel industry. In a candid conversation about the brand’s inception, Dickerson provided an overview into the company’s mission to infuse personality into golf attire, along with some of the challenges of scaling a startup into a full-fledged lifestyle brand. Dickerson gives listeners an insider’s view of the brand’s evolution, its dedication to empowering individuality on the golf course, and a look into how it became a beloved apparel line.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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