Celebrating 20 Years of Roof Performance

June 12, 2023

When it comes to business, companies are built on their track record of success, the quality of their service, and their reputation for providing customers with the best possible solutions at a fair price. That was the bedrock for Fortis when they first opened their doors in 2003, and it’s become their mantra for 20 years — providing Fortis customers performance solutions and financial certainty, guaranteed.

Just how has that formula made Fortis a key player in the commercial roofing industry, and how have they built on that success in their 20 years? And what’s next for Fortis?

On today’s episode of Roof Talks, Host Michelle Dawn Mooney speaks with David Schupmann, COO, Rick Lewis, CEO and Founder, and Greg Hinkle, CFO, all of Fortis, who will give us their assessment on how this win-win business model has also meant an improved bottom line for their customers, and the environment.

Mooney, Schupmann, Lewis, and Hinkle also discussed…

1. What solutions Fortis offers and why those services are essential to asset owners

2. The beginnings and journey of Fortis over the past 20 years

3. Fortis’ next steps forward to better serving customers

Lewis commented on the value Fortis brings to companies. “I think first and foremost it’s the capital savings that we provide our customers of 60 to 70 percent of their roof spend…and the peace of mind that comes along with that. And then the financial security…that we do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it.”

Schupmann described the reaction many prospective customers first have when introduced to Fortis. “Probably the number one reaction we get when we first talk about what Fortis provides is, ‘That seems way too good to be true. I get all these benefits, you’re going to save me all this money, get all this protection, I get all these environmental benefits, and it’s at the lowest cost on the market? That just doesn’t compute.’”

Since 2003, Fortis has saved its customers $520 million, with a network of more than 350 Fortis certified contractors, and 140+ million square feet of coverage on nearly 5,000 buildings across 50 states, in six different countries. But the value isn’t exclusive to customers—the employees at Fortis also benefit.

“The caliber of our team and the integrity they bring to our business is world class,” said Lewis about working with Schupmann, Hinkle and others. “We’re excited as we continue to grow the Fortis team with new talent, increasing the size and scope of the company. We’re looking forward to the next 20 years!”

Fortis is proud of its proven track record of accomplishments from its first 20 years and look for-ward to even greater success in the future, for themselves and their customers.

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