Closet Must Haves With Magdy Kotb

March 1, 2023
Sonia Gossai


Closet must haves aren’t simply a matter of following trends or bowing to the dictates of fashion algorithms. Indeed, the cornerstone of any robust wardrobe lies in the careful curating of items that respect your individual style, enhance the lifespan of your pieces, and create an environment that favors the integrity of the materials.

Magdy Kotb, Founder of Clothing Coach talks about the importance of cedar shoe trees and cedar hangers, which not only prolong the life of footwear and clothing but also provide a pleasant aroma and protect against moths.

Kotb on the CoachYu Show also recommends a good pair of well-fitted black jeans that reflect the wearer’s personality and goals. It underscores the concept of individual style over mass-market mandates. Kotb believes that these closet must haves should be in everyone’s wardrobe. His approach to dressing is not based on an algorithm but on the individual’s life rhythm. 


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