Cosmic Wire is Shaping a Transparent and Secure Digital World with Web 3 and Blockchain Technology

June 7, 2024
Ron Stefanski


The transformative potential of Web 3 and the future of digital communities are at the forefront of technological discussions today. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected through 5G, AI, and other advanced technologies, understanding the direction and impact of these innovations is crucial. With cybersecurity threats surging by 3,000%, the stakes for securing and democratizing technology have never been higher.

What is the next big step for the internet and social media in this interconnected, fast-paced world?

Jerad Finck, CEO of Cosmic Wire, joins Ron Stefanski on DisruptED to share his visionary insights on these pressing questions. Finck, known for his diverse career spanning psychiatry, music, and technology, delves into the significant shifts in digital landscapes and how Web 3 is poiseda to revolutionize our online interactions.

Main Points of Discussion:

  • The transition from analog to digital and its impact on different generations.
  • The potential of Web 3 to democratize access to technology and education globally.
  • Strategies for creating safe, self-policing online communities through blockchain technology.

Jerad Finck is a dynamic thinker and entrepreneur who has made significant strides in multiple fields. While pursuing a medical residency in psychiatry, he was offered a major record contract. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted him to pivot towards technology, where he began developing software to anticipate Web 3. Finck is celebrated for his innovative approach and commitment to leveraging technology for societal good.

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