Navigating Cybersecurity Risks in the Manufacturing and Distribution Industry

February 13, 2024

In this episode of On the Shop Floor, hosts Colby Horn and Chris Boyd are joined by Trip Hillman, partner in Weaver’s IT Advisory Services. They dissect the escalating cybersecurity risks in the manufacturing and distribution (M&D) industry, discussing the impact of connected devices and the importance of robust IT risk management.

Key Points:

  • Assess and mitigate life safety risks in automated systems
  • Conduct impact analysis for cyber events
  • Implement robust vendor management for cloud services


The episode highlights the increasing cybersecurity threats faced by the M&D industry, especially with the rise of connected devices and smart industrial equipment. The discussion emphasizes the need for comprehensive risk assessments and the importance of understanding the nuances between IT risk and cybersecurity risk.

“As organizations look for efficiencies and increased effectiveness of automation, humans are coming out of the loop,” Hillman said. “This means that machines are being connected and actually doing something, which raises real risks that we’re having to evaluate.”

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