Empathy Drives Debt Management Solutions for Gen Z and Millennials

June 6, 2024
Josh Byrd


As Gen Z and Millennials face unprecedented financial challenges, innovative debt management solutions emerge to help them manage their debt more effectively and empathetically.

In this episode of “Growthwell with Josh Byrd,” host Josh Byrd sits down with Luis Andino, the Founder of Ditch, to discuss how empathy drives debt management solutions for Gen Z and Millennials. Andino shares his journey from being a first-generation immigrant to founding a startup that aims to alleviate the psychological burden of debt. The conversation explores the inspiration behind Ditch, its target audience, and Andino’s strategies to balance professional growth and personal well-being.

Empathy drives debt management solutions for Gen Z and Millennials by addressing their unique financial pressures. Andino’s background as a first-generation immigrant shaped his empathetic approach to solving debt-related issues. Moving from the Dominican Republic to Rochester, New York, and working for a consumer lender exposed him to the widespread problem of debt in America and its psychological impact. This experience inspired him to create Ditch, a mobile app offering practical insights, gamified financial education, and a supportive community to help users navigate their financial journeys.

As Ditch grows, Andino is excited about expanding its impact through partnerships with community banks and credit unions. These collaborations aim to provide even more customers with the tools to manage their debt effectively, fostering positive financial behaviors and reducing stress. By addressing the specific needs of Gen Z and Millennials, Ditch is making a significant impact on the financial well-being of its users, proving that empathy is a powerful force in the world of debt management.

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