IC System Becomes DebtNext’s First Accredited Partner

November 21, 2023
Gale Persil

St. Paul, MN, November 17, 2023 – IC System is proud to announce that DebtNext has made our company the inaugural member of its dPlat Partner Accreditation Program. As the first accredited company under the new program, IC System is a trusted partner for creditors looking to select a collection agency and integrate their past-due inventory using DebtNext’s comprehensive recovery management platform.

DebtNext Software was founded in 2003 and offers the most robust recovery management platform in the market today. The DebtNext Platform (dPlat) is comprised of a comprehensive set of solutions designed to optimize every aspect of recovery operations.

IC System has maintained an ongoing relationship with DebtNext for 14 years. Their platform has enabled us to provide over 20 clients with seamlessly integrated recovery management services. Becoming accredited with DebtNext gives IC System a competitive edge over other debt collection agencies that have not yet undergone the rigorous review standards to become accredited.

“DebtNext Accreditation is beneficial to have because it is a prestigious endorsement, affirming our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards in a formal audit,” said Karen Jonas, IC System’s SVP of Field Sales. “IC System has demonstrated that we meet the accreditation criteria, and this will help clients vet out their next collection agency. This will reduce expenses for future clients to ensure IC System surpasses the compliance and standards of the industry.”

The accreditation program was developed from a concept proposed by DebtNext’s Thom Majka, Director of Client Success, to provide creditors with peace of mind when selecting a collection partner to integrate with a trusted middleware company.

To receive the accreditation, IC System underwent a detailed review focusing on the areas of Integration, Authentication, Remittance Management, and SOC 2 Compliance.

The Partner Accreditation Program builds trust among creditors with accredited agencies when it comes to recommendations, compliance assurance, and data security. “It’s about excellence with integration on our platform and a way for us to formalize the evaluation and recommendation process,” said Frank Ellenberger, Director of Strategic Initiatives. “This has more substance than a referral.”


About IC System

IC System is one of the largest receivables management companies in the United States. Founded in 1938, IC System is a privately held accounts receivable management firm in its third generation of family ownership. IC System provides customized, tailor-made debt recovery solutions for utilities, small business, healthcare, dental, government, and telecommunications industries nationwide. Follow IC System on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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