Missing Link Founder Richard Mulholland and Managing Director Sam Leontsinis joined host Daniel Litwin to outline the business of presentation skills and how the self-described “Presentation Powerhouse” is helping people around the globe remain agile in the face of remote demands and other effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Missing Link offers “CloudCrew,” a remote, dedicated “backstage” crew for online events, a presentation studio aimed at crafting strategic and memorable presentations, an academy designed to teach key presentation skills, and a three-month, “Story-to-Stage” program ready to elevate interested speakers to a professional level.

Mulholland, a former rock and roll roadie for the likes of Iron Maiden and Def Leppard, has leveraged that background in growing Missing Link into one of the world’s most influential presentation companies.

Specifically, a lack of work in putting on concerts in South African winters led to a discovery of a new passion.

“I went to my boss and I said, ‘Hey, what happens if we start doing some stuff with the conference market in the offseason?’,” he said. “I would sell to these CEOs. I would be like, ‘I can turn you into Iron Maiden. At your conference, you’re going to be like a rock star.’”

However, Mulholland quickly learned that, no matter how good the lighting and other ancillary trimmings, a bad presentation is a bad presentation. Thus, Missing Link was born to fill a need.

The company has been elevating people’s presentation skills for more than 20 years, and that’s equipped them for a time, now, where vocal leadership in business is more sought-after than ever before, there are more “stages” than there have ever been, and COVID-19 has forced organizations around the world to reckon with establishing a powerful remote and digital presence.

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