Empowering the Future: Attleboro’s Student-Led Court System Boosts Engagement and Real-World Learning

February 1, 2024
Kevin Dougherty


This episode of the “Just Thinking” podcast, host Kevin Dougherty, features an innovative approach taken by Attleboro Public Schools to address school discipline and engagement through a student-led court system.

Toby Reed, a Criminal Justice Instructor at Attleboro High School, and his former student, Peter DelPozzo, a current Student at Norwich University discuss the creation and impact of this court, which aims to reduce suspension rates and prevent the school-to-prison pipeline by handling minor infractions with restorative practices. This initiative not only educates students about the justice system but also empowers them to actively participate in resolving issues, fostering responsibility, engagement, and a sense of community. The project represents a shift towards more student-led learning experiences, demonstrating the benefits of trusting students with real responsibilities and highlighting the potential for such innovative programs to transform educational approaches to discipline and student involvement.

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