Finding the Right Skills Programs in This Disrupted World

February 2, 2024
Ron Stefanski


In an era where traditional education pathways are being reevaluated for effectiveness and affordability, finding the right skills programs matters. DisruptED brings to light the evolving landscape of skill-based learning in this transformative education and upskilling edition hosted by Ron J. Stefanski.

This episode features Athena Kan, the CEO of Dreambound and a Harvard graduate recognized in Forbes 30 under 30. Athena represents a new wave of educational pioneers focused on making skill-based training accessible and affordable. Her journey with Dreambound, a platform connecting millions in the workforce with upskilling opportunities, is a testament to the changing face of education in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world.

Stefanski highlights the seismic shifts in the world of work and learning, exacerbated by technological advancements and the pandemic. He sets the stage for an insightful conversation about the challenges and opportunities in the current educational landscape. Kan’s story is particularly compelling. Inspired by her father’s decision to self-train as an electrician, she recognized the gap in the market for affordable, accessible skills programs. This realization led to the inception of Dreambound, which started in healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic and has since expanded into other sectors.

Dreambound stands out for its emphasis on affordability and flexibility, catering to the needs of working adults and those seeking new career paths. Kan discusses how the platform helps users navigate the overwhelming array of available courses, focusing on their needs and financial constraints. The conversation also touches on the broader trends in education, such as the decline in traditional college enrollments and the rise of certificate programs and short courses.

Kan’s vision for Dreambound is clear: to bridge the gap between education and employment, making upskilling a realistic and achievable goal for many. The platform’s growth, with 70,000 users in a single month, reflects the burgeoning demand for alternative educational pathways.

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