Forecasting the Impact of Economic Disruptions in 2023 & 2024

February 16, 2023


With the shortages caused by COVID-19, you have likely heard about and know what a supply chain is. But what about a value chain? A supply chain is typically more of the parts and materials location of manufacturing and transportation of a product, whereas the value chain incorporates product design, R&D, advertising, and marketing, according to Business News Daily 

What types of companies assist in managing the value chain for other businesses and how do they go about this? 

On today’s episode of the Real Talks by River Logic podcast Host Tyler Kern speaks with Carlos Centurion, President at River Logic, Inc., to talk about what River Logic does in the value chain industry and how they offer value to businesses.  

Kern and Centurion also discussed… 

  1. What makes River Logic different from other companies in the same sector 
  1. The different industries River Logic serves and the types of businesses they work with 
  1. How the value of River Logic can be quantified by businesses 

Centurion explained what services traditional value chain companies offer compared to River Logic. “River Logic is unique in the sense that most other solutions that you’ll find in the market are really designed for just a piece of that value chain, right? Some are logistics, some are manufacturing, some maybe cover manufacturing and logistics. Some are all about demand, but they don’t cover the supply chain. Some are all about procurement, but they don’t look downstream from procurement. So, we’re unique in that we can look end to end and everything that we do is translated into our financial outcome in the sense that we actually cover gap accounting.” 

Centurion is President of River Logic, Inc. and has previously served as Management Consultant for McKinsey & Company and 2nd Lieutenant Officer for the Air Force – Paraguayan Military. Centurion earned a BA in Economics and Finance from Wake Forest University and an MBA from INSEAD. Centurion is a skilled business strategist and management consultant.  

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