Gossip about Gossip: Funding Nature Conservation Projects through Collectibles on the Hedera Network

July 26, 2022

Host Zenobia Godschalk invited Toni Caradonna, CTO of Porini Foundation, to discuss how blockchain technology is used in nature conservation. The Porini Foundation is Swiss-based, “The goal of the foundation is to adopt innovation technology for nature conservation. Protecting nature and the people who live in these areas,” said Caradonna.

The Porini Foundation works to conserve nature and people through disruptive technology. “We adopted and created zero carbon blockchain in 2014,” said Caradonna. Porini Foundation partnered with Hedera last year to build Nature Collectibles. With these NFTs, the foundation can count on recurring income to protect endangered species. Blockchain transparency allows donors to see how their money is being used.

With the first purchase, 100% of the proceeds are distributed to the protected area. “Primary market, the first issuances go to the protected area, even if we have other costs,” said Caradonna. Once a collector has all the species in a collection, they can re-sell the collectibles. If they choose to re-sell a collectible, a part of the proceeds go to the seller, and a part of it goes back to the foundation. Caradonna further explained, “In the secondary market, the re-seller makes some money, but also the interest goes toward the protected area.” Through blockchain transactions, the market is securely transparent.

Hedera can extend its mission further by focusing on the Nature Collectibles and carbon credits. Together, Hedera and the Porini Foundation have strengthened their capabilities while also lending to the healing and conservation of an important cause. Learn more by downloading the Nature Collectibles app.


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