Gossip About Gossip: Meet the New Hedera Governing Council Board Member

August 30, 2022

Get to know Hedera’s Governing Council board with host Zenobia Godschalk, SVP Communications, as she hosts Shyam Nagarajan, Executive Partner, Blockchain, Web 3.0, Metaverse, and Sustainability at IBM and new Hedera Governing Council board member.

The newest board member for the Hedera Governing Council, Nagarajan has been involved in the project and community since 2018. He has been in the IBM space for seven years and, as such, has seen the market beginning to embrace enterprise.

Nagarajan reflected on his new role with Hedera: “in this journey, I think we are at a crucial point where Hedera brings something that is necessary as an accelerator for the market to move.” Excited to be a part of this new journey, Nagarajan noted his experience in past influential roles, including his role with a Hedera team which helped shape the current market. He said, “We were responsible for driving a lot of initiatives including the…adapter and the integration connector that’s used for hybrid situations…”

Nagarajan aims to bring about more application of Hedera for enterprise use-cases. He is eager to share his experience with other council members, change the way the board inducts new members, and open collaboration throughout Hedera’s various organizations.

For mission critical use-cases, Nagarajan said, “My experience is helping enterprise adopt and leverage this technology to accelerate their journey.” This experience will help Hedera orient protocol to help others accelerate the adoption of their products in the market.

Bringing a new face to the Hedera Governing Board Council is sure to add experience, expertise, and knowledge to the Council while continuing to look and act future-forward. Nagarajan does not aim to disappoint, and if his past experience is any indication, the future ahead is brighter than ever.

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