Hedera: Gossip about Gossip: Meet New Hedera Governing Council Board Member Ian Putter of Standard Bank

August 9, 2022

Ian Putter recently joined the Hedera Governing Council Board, motivated to make fundamental changes across his continent. Putter resides and works in South Africa. He talks to Zenobia in the dark because there is an energy-conserving blackout, or load shedding, across the county to preserve the grid.

“I’m very excited to be on the board,” said Putter. He’s been working with Hedera for quite some time and was drawn to the board because of its very collaborative environment. “I met a lot of developers working with Hedera… For the first time in my life, I experienced people working together to make things work on this distributed ledger, and people working together,” said Putter.

“We have significant use cases, and we’re making significant progress on the use cases.” Putter is excited to work on significant changes to how companies run their business. Hedera offers a space where companies are encouraged to change their business practices significantly to receive sustainability credits. “It’s not just, ‘look, I didn’t chop down this tree,” claiming credits, said Putter.

Putter was motivated to join the board and looks forward to its responsibilities. “To make decisions, to be a part of the growth, Hedera is going through a fantastic growth stage at the moment,” he said. “I want to contribute to this distributed ledger that brings trust.” Putter brings a plethora of experience from the banking industry. “Some of my exposure and experiences will help me to contribute to the Hedera board.”

For enterprises looking to scale, the process takes time. “Real effort into making these things available. It starts slowly. It’s about doing. It’s about mobilizing.” Putter believes Hedera offers a unique space where you can scale very securely.


  • Ian Putter recently joined the Hedera Governing Council.
  • Hedera is a very collaborative environment where knowledge is shared.
  • Hedera offers credits for substantial changes in practice.

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