Holt Cat: How a Woman Business Leader Helped Build a Culture of Excellence

August 1, 2023
Matt Brost

In the longstanding pursuit of excellence in organizational culture, can the secret to success be a woman business leader? For one male-dominated industry, the answer proves a resounding yes.

Companies strive to build environments that foster talent growth, inspire integrity, and encourage work ethic – all foundational traits of a distinctive corporate culture. Organizations with strong cultures see a 25% workforce growth over three years and an 85% net profit increase over five years.

So, how do seasoned industry professionals leverage their experiences and values to transform the workplace and positively impact their organization’s culture?

In this episode of The Excellence Culture by Lockton, host Matt Brost sits down with a woman business leader who embodies the spirit of cultural excellence, Lori Bunger, a Vice President at Holt Cat. This enriching conversation explores Bunger’s personal journey and insights into fostering a culture of excellence in business.

Brost and Bunger’s discussion includes:

  • How Bunger’s upbringing, values, and experiences, from her small-town roots to her sports background, have influenced her leadership style and approach to work
  • The importance of adopting a healthy relationship with failure to drive success, innovation, and resilience
  • How being a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry has shaped Bunger’s journey, leading to her current leadership role and how it influenced the way she interacts with customers

Lori Bunger is the Vice President of Used Equipment Sales at Holt Cat. With a tenure of 22 years, Bunger brings extensive industry experience and insight to the conversation. Early on, Bunger showed off the robust work ethic and the value of presence instilled from her small-town Indiana upbringing. She is a sports enthusiast and was a volleyball player at Cedarville University, Ohio. Bunger’s unique journey, marked by challenges and triumphs, has culminated in her successful leadership role at Holt Cat – one of the largest Cat® Machines dealers in the U.S. Bunger’s journey is a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence, personally and professionally.

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