How a Positive Approach Influenced the Successful Entrepreneurial Journey of Dylan Healy

October 27, 2023



Entering the world of entrepreneurship is a fascinating one and something that Dylan Healy, director and co-founder of Animation Explainers can attest to. His entrepreneurial journey highlighted that there’s never a “perfect” time to start a business. However, he was able to obtain a fresh and invigorating perspective in taking the risk to start his business. Naturally, Healy’s success story came with inevitable challenges, but he powered through with determination, becoming resilient, and picking up invaluable wisdom along the way.  He urges aspiring entrepreneurs to take control of their journey by simply taking the plunge without fear and taking the wins and losses that are part of it. 

Healy has created over 850 animated videos, and his company now stands as a beacon of innovative entrepreneurship, where there’s passion and a positive, playful approach to business. In a recent episode of the podcast, “PowerUp with Manal,” Healy talked about his entrepreneurial journey in depth with Manal Keen.

Written by Alexandra Simon.

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