How Bank Fraud Still Occurs in the Financial Sector Even With Protective Measures

July 13, 2023
Alexandra Simon


Digital transformation drives a shift in financial operations globally, which makes understanding the mechanisms of bank fraud becoming increasingly more critical. From grand schemes that can potentially topple large banks to smaller-scale cons, fraudulent activities continue to plague the financial sector. Vigilance, robust anti-fraud systems, and a comprehensive understanding of red flags are the keys to averting such damaging events. 

For deeper insights on identifying and mitigating bank fraud on “Weaver,” Logan Woods, CPA, CFE, and Supervisor, Forensics and Litigation services at Weaver spoke with guests Victor Padilla, CFE and Managing Director, Forensics and Litigation services at Weaver, as well as James Mihills, Partner-in-Charge, Banking Services at Weaver, as they dissect two notorious cases of fraud in banking.


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