How Rising Gas Prices are Fueling Remote Work

COVID-19 necessitated one of the largest shifts in the nature of work that we had seen in decades. Overnight, businesses went from operating primarily out of central office locations to working remotely.

Concerns about the health and well-being of employees drove this decision from business leaders. However, as the effects of the pandemic have waned, a new opponent to in-office work has entered the arena: gas prices.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has seen gas prices soar to new heights, leading many employees to once again tout the virtues of hybrid work. Bill Kasko, president and CEO of Frontline Source Group, sees this as a challenge for businesses moving forward.

The solution that many businesses will gravitate towards is a hybrid mix of both home and office work. While every business is unique and has different priorities for employees, hybrid work remains an attractive option amongst executives.

Post-Covid working arrangements

With gas prices unlikely to stabilize in the near future, employers can anticipate increased calls for hybrid work. For more industry insights, stay tuned to

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