How to Start Collecting Business Debts – Quickly and Automatically with InstiCollect

April 15, 2023


Consumer debt is steadily climbing due to trends such as pandemic recovery (e.g., rent recouperation), fear of recession, healthcare (e.g., pushing more healthcare costs onto patients), and other current trends. Smaller businesses will be impacted more due to their lack of resources and training to collect this increased debt.

In a new episode of the podcast “Closing the Books,” host Eric Johannes interviewed Lee Brockney, General Manager of Main Street Recoveries at IC System. The two talked about how IC System used innovation and 85 years of debt recovery experience to create their new offering,  InstiCollect, which is aimed at helping businesses with less than 50 monthly debts quickly and easily get started on recovering their revenue.

Johannes and Brockney also discussed:

  1. What type of organizations would benefit from using InstiCollect
  2. How clients can start collecting debts in about 15 minutes
  3. How IC System online tools and aids make it easy for users to learn the platform quickly

“InstiCollect is a brand-new product here at IC System… Essentially, it is a standardized, streamlined, all-in-one collection product… What we’ve done is take the most productive IC processes found across multiple IC product lines and package them into one simple-to-use product that really can have our clients live and submitting debts within minutes of making the decision to buy,” said Brockney.

Lee Brockney is the General Manager of Main Street Recoveries at IC System. He’s held several roles at IC System over his almost 20-year tenure, with advancing responsibilities.


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