Infrastructure Strategy & Capacity Planning

April 18, 2023


On this live installment of Real Talks by River Logic, Camilo Orbegozo, RiverLogic’s Director of Solution Design, gave a presentation and live demo of River Logic’s end-to-end analytic platform.

The demonstration showed how the platform can be used for infrastructure strategy and capacity planning in the building materials industry. The dataset used was a simple supply chain based in the US with 59 customers, 22 distribution centers, 16 plants, and one raw material provider. Three scenarios were used:

  • baseline reflecting current policies and strategies without optimization
  • an infrastructure analysis that permitted opening new sites and constrained CAPEX
  • a business growth scenario showing how to support business growth with potential deals or contracts that would affect supply chain capacity.

Camilo used Mapbox API to show the location changes in each scenario, then used Power BI to show various reports including financial objectives, P&Ls of each single scenario, production and purchasing volumes, shipping logistics changes along with transportation mode cost reports. The demonstration ended with sales comparison maps.

Make sure to stay tuned for the end of the demonstration when River Logic’s Vice President of Professional Services, Aaron Berg, joins Orbegozo for a Q&A session moderated by Gabrielle Bejarano. During the session, they will cover questions such as: Is it possible to model labor requirements to adjust capacity? Do you have any references of customers using your technology to analyze capacity planning? What makes the digital planning twin different from the traditional digital twins we know in the industry?

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