Inside Acclara Consulting – How We Transform Provider Partnerships

October 1, 2023

In this episode, Jeff Tanner takes a thoughtful exploration into the intricate landscape of healthcare, focusing on the hurdles healthcare providers often encounter concerning revenue and reimbursements. Drawing from his extensive experience and insights gained through his association with Acclara, Jeff delves into patterns he’s observed across numerous healthcare facilities, addressing the nuanced changes in insurance company strategies that lead to a rise in claim denials.

Jeff also underscores the significance of data in healthcare, pointing out both its immense potential and the challenges it presents. Interpretation and application of this data become crucial, especially when healthcare providers are inundated with vast amounts of it. The episode also touches on the importance of having a broader perspective, enabling providers to proactively address issues and anticipate future challenges.

Jeff’s perspective offers a unique blend of expertise, highlighting intersections between healthcare practices, data management, and consultancy. This discussion is ideal for healthcare professionals keen on deepening their understanding of their industry’s financial intricacies, data implications, and the evolving landscape they operate within. It’s not just a conversation about problems but also a deep dive into sustainable solutions for the future.

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