Justen Martin on How Long Will It Take To Get Business Results?

June 2, 2023
Sonia Gossai


Business results are the lifeblood of any company, defining success and informing strategy across sales, marketing, and operations. Yet, the journey from ideation to actual results is often shrouded in a fog of uncertainty, with questions about ‘how long until we see results’ hanging heavy in the air. The crux of this matter lies in understanding your brand’s growth strategy and engaging in purposeful actions that create immediate resonance with your target audience.

The culture within a company, the belief in certain models and methods, feeds into this immediacy, optimizing organization and time management and aligning content production with specific goals. Aiming at a specific audience or market isn’t a blind shot in the dark, it’s a calculated approach that begins to deliver results from the word ‘go’.

That said, the journey from brand awareness to customer conversion is not instant; it requires patience and careful tracking. Across a span of ninety to one hundred and twenty days, most marketing activities start to bear fruit, offering a chance to scale efforts and compound gains. This is where the power of metrics, analysis, and action comes to the fore, allowing businesses to understand their trajectory and make necessary adjustments.

Now, to delve deeper into the complexities of achieving effective business results, we have  Justen Martin, Partner for Learn Do Teach on the CoachYu show. With a wealth of experience in driving successful campaigns, [soundbite speaker] offers invaluable insights into the strategic process behind yielding impactful business results.

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