LinkedIn Ads Budget with AJ Wilcox

January 1, 2023
Sonia Gossai


AJ Wilcox, the founder of B2Linked, discusses the optimal LinkedIn Ads budget on the CoachYu Show. He notes that LinkedIn ads are pricier per click and impression, so they may need a larger budget. If your brand focuses on prospecting to cold audiences, LinkedIn is effective, and a higher budget should be allocated.

If your brand is well-known and your ad spend is for maintaining visibility with familiar audiences, LinkedIn should receive a smaller budget. AJ suggests a starting budget of $5,000 a month for any channel, yielding statistically significant results by month’s end.

However, the LinkedIn Ads budget depends on your target audience’s size. He warns that LinkedIn can lead to overspending and advises against using LinkedIn’s default bidding method, maximum delivery, and leaving audience expansion enabled, as these can inflate costs. 

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