Mary’s Favorite FinFit Feature

January 1, 2023

FinFit’s financial coaches can help with specific debt-related concerns, mortgage guidance, credit reporting, ways to improve credit, and more. They can also assist with college costs and managing parents’ financial affairs. Additionally, the coaches can provide advice on how to address collection or tax notices and develop a spending work plan.

“Our free financial coaching line is an excellent resource for our members who want to take control of their finances,” said Mary McGrath, an Customer Service Representative at FinFit. “It’s anonymous and free, so you can call as many times as you want without worrying about anyone else knowing your business.”

To access the free financial coaching line, FinFit members need to create an account at and link their company. Once linked, they can click on “financial coaching” on their dashboard and start calling.

“We hope more employees take advantage of this valuable resource,” said Mary. “Our coaches are here to help you get back on your feet financially and achieve your goals.”

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